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Fee Structure from April 2017-2018

Our fees are based on the number of sessions you book for your child and include all meals etc but exclude Nappies and formula milk (as we have found that parents have a wide range of tastes and having the same at home as well as nursery helps create the continuity between the two. Parents must bring in medication for their child(ren).

The morning sessions commence at 8am and finish at 12.45pm, they include a morning snack (not breakfast) and a lunch (with main course and desert).

The afternoon sessions run from 1pm until 5.45pm and include a post play snack and a high tea.

Any hours out of these sessions is charged for at a rate of £5 per hour.

For children entitled to Nursery Grant (Free15 or 30 hours for 3 to 4 year olds and 15 hours for Achieving Two Year Olds) an hourly rate of £5 is applied to sessions attended but not covered by the “Free” sessions. Free sessions are in blocks of five hours, either mornings (8am to 1pm) or afternoons (1pm to 6pm). Two free sessions can be taken in one day for a free day.

We understand that the combination of four and five week months can be awkward, especially for those paid monthly, and so we can provide you with a flat monthly amount to be paid across the year. Please ask for details.

We do not charge hidden extras such as administration fees, food charges etc.

We will talk you through the terms so that you fully understand them before your child starts.

What some of our wonderful Parents say about us.

With your help [our daughter] has grown into an intelligent, caring and well-mannered girl.

I can’t put into words how happy we have been with everything you have done for [our son].

We feel very lucky to have found Brightlands as every minute…has been positive.

I find the enthusiasm and patience of the staff truly humbling and the children are always so charming and well mannered.


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