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Young Middles (1 – 2 Years)

The Young Middles Room

This is a facility designed for the transition of babies into the middles group. In their time in young middles children learn some fundamental skills such as using the toilet/potty and starting to put on and take off clothes and eating with older children. This room is a little less like a lounge and more like a functional school room, but the small size and welcoming environment means it is not intimidating.

There is free access to a covered garden area specifically allocated for this group for free play, and they have access to the main garden for interaction with the older children. There is an allocated sleep room and the main meals are taken in a dining room, mostly with the Middles Group. This allows them to get to know these children before they move up a group.

What some of our wonderful Parents say about us.

With your help [our daughter] has grown into an intelligent, caring and well-mannered girl.

I can’t put into words how happy we have been with everything you have done for [our son].

We feel very lucky to have found Brightlands as every minute…has been positive.

I find the enthusiasm and patience of the staff truly humbling and the children are always so charming and well mannered.


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