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Child Care

The Groups

At Brightlands, we allocate each group specific rooms (or groups of rooms) deliberately designed to help the children transition from the close home environment and prepare them for reception class at school. The baby suite is most like home and has been designed to minimise the stress of settling in. The rooms become more school like as the children get older and the Pre School room is designed to help with familiarisation with what might be expected at School.

There is a finger print entry system which enables you, as parents, to come in whenever you wish during nursery opening hours. We believe that having this open door policy gives you confidence in the quality of care we are providing for your child.

Children join the nursery in the room that is most appropriate for their individual learning and developmental needs. Progress through the groups is phased to ensure that each child gets the very best developmental opportunities. The timings of movement between groups is entirely child focused and we would emphasise that it is not a race to get your child to Pre School group as quickly as possible.

We discuss transition between groups with you, and when the time is right we will start with a familiarisation process including you going with your child to the new group so you can both meet his/her key worker and become aware of the new routine. For the younger ones, we tend to send up children in small peer groups so they have someone familiar to play with. Again this is designed to reduce stress associated with the move and ensure we get the best for each child.

We monitor each child’s progress on a regular basis and have termly parents’ evenings.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) principles. This covers a broad range of knowledge and skills. However learning is child-led and staff encourage learning through play.

The EYFS is also used in the first year of primary school and so we believe that the nursery will give your child a head start when going to school because they will be used to the principles applied at school. Your child will be ready and able to learn. We have, over the years, developed great links with local primary and independent schools and can advise and help you on this at the appropriate time. Some of the feedback we have from these schools:

“Brightlands’ children are always so well prepared for school”

“I wish we had 30 children from Brightlands every year”

The EYFS covers three Prime Areas (Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development) and four Specific Areas (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Art and Design) all of which are interconnected. These areas support and develop the Three Characteristics of Effective Learning (playing and exploring, learning and creating and thinking critically). We ensure these are incorporated into your child’s routines through a variety of activities – both inside and outdoor.

What Ofsted said in 2017

Staff provide a welcoming and stimulating environment which is well resourced to support children’s individual needs and next steps in learning. All children make good progress from their starting points.


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